Medieval Madrigal Dinner

Auditions: October 6th & 7th, 6:00-9:00 pm, at Central High School’s Choir Room. We are looking for actors, singers, dancers, musicians, jugglers, magicians, etc.

Performances: November 20, 21, & 22, 2014 at the Kiwanis Community House

Murder Most Fowl: A strange man comes into the Kingdom, with something to sell. But this isn’t just any something. This is a goose – and no ordinary goose at that. This is the famous goose that lays the golden eggs! Or is it lies the golden eggs? Well, someone is lying, to be sure, and that’s the least of the transgressions being committed. Before too long the goose is cooked, and the Jester, Mertonsire, and Gossage the Goose Seller are the three main suspects. Luckily, the finest detective in all the Kingdom, Second Assistant Inspector Detective Upson Downey is on the case, and with the audience’s help, the goose-slayer is found, and justice is restored.

What is a Medieval Madrigal Dinner anyway? A medieval madrigal dinner is a form of dinner theater that is set in the Middle Ages. Typically comedic in nature, the play proceeds between the dinner courses. Madrigals (songs from the Renaissance period) are performed throughout the dinner and the evening concludes with a concert. The audience members are the dinner guests at the King and Queen’s banquet and are included in the performance, as contrasted with most traditional plays in which the audience is typically not recognized by the actors during the play.