Medieval Madrigal Dinner

Sleepless-CoverThe newly born royal twins are the source of great joy in the kingdom, especially during the day. In fact only during the day. The King and the Queen get no sleep, and when the King doesn’t sleep, there ain’t no one in the kingdom that sleeps. (Royal Decree 478B, Paragraph S, sub-paragraph T, line 7.) A solution to the problem must be found or sleep deprivation will bring a fog to the kingdom that will never lift. Since the Royal Parents are the only ones who can calm the little nippers, someone else must rule the kingdom until peace and quiet are restored.

What is a Medieval Madrigal Dinner anyway? A medieval madrigal dinner is a form of dinner theater that is set in the Middle Ages. Typically comedic in nature, the play proceeds between the dinner courses. Madrigals (songs from the Renaissance period) are performed throughout the dinner and the evening concludes with a concert. The audience members are the dinner guests at the King and Queen’s banquet and are included in the performance, as contrasted with most traditional plays in which the audience is typically not recognized by the actors during the play.